Want to Build a Virtual Store – Why WordPress? Why WordPress? – If you do not yet have a website or web shop and you are interested in building a website, if you have a company or store business and you need a website, It is worthwhile to recognize the obvious benefits of WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source system that was originally built to create blogs. Since then, the system has become more sophisticated and has become the most popular system for many surfers who use WordPress to build image sites. Today, every business or company needs to own and operate an internet site to market their business in Israel and around the world and sell the Its products in international distribution and profitability are increasing. What are the advantages of WordPress? WordPress’s first advantage is: WordPress is a free system, in the basic set of WordPress you can build a free website for you. The WordPress system includes a community of programmers, designers, Translators, Content Writers, Engineers who each create different features, such as kits, pages, content images and more. The WordPress system is dynamic and easy to work with. The WordPress system provides a great selection of web design options, a huge selection of color stencils and varying graphics, When you choose to build a website in the WordPress system you can choose from four thousand free design templates. You can add more topics in Kenya at a very reasonable price and get a great result from a site that works great on mobile devices as well. Another important advantage is that the WordPress system keeps all of the information that you enter into the database, including: Videos, Content pages, Different categories, Photos and more. WordPress is a smart system capable of accurately positioning content, which makes it ideal for easy and convenient browsing. WordPress – Extensions directory The WordPress system offers a selection of plugins called PLUGINGS that allow you to upgrade your site so that users can enjoy a safe and enjoyable purchase. Allows you to upload professional forums within the site and also speed up site browsing. WordPress has an extensions directory of over 45,000 extensions, With which you can upgrade your site with features such as increased site security, Blocking spam responses, SEO, search engine optimization, and more. Most of the extensions are free of cost, and some are for a nominal fee only. You can easily install an SEO plugin that will help optimize your website. WordPress is considered the most efficient and advanced content system and system that is constantly changing and improving and is therefore highly recommended for use. Bizzapp specializes in establishing virtual stores in Israel