Why as a business owner you have to own a shop online today?

Online Store: Never before were there online stores, we didn’t know how much money we Israelis love to spend.

Approximately 95% of Israelis buy online, and as of 2018, they have made some NIS 16 billion online purchases, with 65% being made online stores abroad.

In a survey conducted by eBay on online purchases, Israeli shoppolists placed first and it is hard to think of anyone to get them in the next few years.

The Israelis are passionate about the abundance, the savings in the brokerage gap, the cheap prices and the ease of shopping online.

If you have anything to sell? Follow the largest chain stores in the country, which have discovered the huge potential of online sales, and have opened a successful online store.

Above all – characterizing the store

Establishing an online store does not happen spontaneously and requires thought and planning. Before you set up the shop, it is necessary to characterize it.

Need to know in advance what you sell? What product families? Some categories will be in the store, and what not to put in it.

Just for example, if there is a store in reality that markets office supplies, but also basic food for office kitchen, it may exist in reality, but it may not exist on the network.

The store needs an appropriate concept.

Easy to operate technology

There are all kinds of virtual store building platforms. We recommend setting it up on a friendly management system that doesn’t require too much knowledge for the store manager to do basic things like:

inventory management,
Price change,
Create promotions,
Product exchange and more.

What is the Product Return Policy on the Online Store?

One of the things that often discourages online purchases is that they fail to understand the site, whether they can return products and how to do it.

Because it is an online purchase, and especially when it comes to fashion, people cannot measure the products and so many times, they can make a mistake,

If they find out that in the picture it looks different to them and they do not want it, and want to return the products.

Should there be a clear return policy, which will stand out to buyers and clarify when there is a full refund? Partial, and when not refundable.

This should be excellent on every page of the site, and not just in the store policies.

It is very important that you be responsive – mobile optimized

Apparently, in the last year, 61% of purchases were made through the mobile, indicating that the Israelis are close to their mobile like all the people in the world and even when they want to shop, they are not really waiting to sit down in front of the computer.

Over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in mobile shopping, which means that if you set up an online store, it should be responsive, ie, optimized for a mobile browser and tablet.

What is a virtual store user experience?

When we talk about building a virtual store, you have to think of all the parameters that make it a successful store.

The action buttons for using the site should be prominent and easy to identify, and the whole process should function properly without getting stuck and flowing fast.

You will be surprised even if it is not a verbal interaction, there is “talk” between the users and the store. They want something, click and move on in the purchase process.

This can be product selection, shopping cart revenue, and more.

Every step of the process has to go fast, create a clear and direct language with the shoppers, there must be no mishaps in the middle, and the site has to be lightweight and not cumbersome at all, so that anyone not really savvy on the Internet can make a purchase.

What creates the browsing experience are the design of UI and UX interfaces.

These are applications that are responsible for designing and designing the user experience.

Where is there a red shirt?

Just as you don’t want to spend time searching for a red shirt or yellow pants in the store in reality, you don’t want to spend time in a virtual store to find something, or get information.

Therefore, designing a logical and hierarchical display arrangement, by product families, types, colors and more, will enable buyers to locate each product quickly.

In addition, important underneath each item indicates a product description, and also a statement that motivates action like “just right for this summer” ..

It is also very important to shoot the products professionally and do styling if necessary.

Every fashion site that sells a fashion must have a size guide that will help the surfers choose the right size.

Buyers should be promptly answered questions, not let them wait long, and help them with any issues they encounter.

Customer Service

The purchase process we said should be friendly, easy and fast.

Packaging and shipping should also be carried out quickly and professionally, in compliance with the delivery times as promised. Good service, that’s the thing that creates trust between customers and an online store, the thing that makes them go back to this store and leave their credit card information over and over again.

Especially in an online store it is very important to respond quickly to inquiries from users, not to let them wait and answer them any questions.

Customer retention is the basis for repeat shopping, as well as a request to send them a newsletter, joining a customer club and more.