So how to open an online store?
Opening an online store in 2019 and 2020 for the better for us is nowadays essential for most types of business. Establishing an online sales store will require constant marketing and management from you, but there is no doubt that the investment amounts (which are now less high) may return, in a big way.

We are in an era of total digitization, and so is the retail market. Opening an online store today can be done within a business day. Sounds unfounded? Definately not. Establishing an online sales site can be done in a number of ways, some of which are quite agile. If we could get into the tunnel of time and go back 20 years, we probably wouldn’t have been able to predict such a devastating technological development.

Setting Up a Profitable Virtual Store, Where to Start?
If today, business owners have been debating whether or not they should open an online store (usually due to maintenance considerations), then these considerations are nowadays undermined for a variety of reasons.

Why are shredded and irrelevant? Because the online sales store can be opened at extremely attractive monthly costs, enabling you to start selling online as soon as you want. Building a sales site can be done by a recommended website builder but you will have to spend very high amounts of money, go through characterization, design and development processes that take months and only after you get the site, you will get a site with no advanced editing options, which will make you spend extra money each month On a site you have already invested tens of thousands of shekels. Another and simpler option is to set up shop by a well-known and knowledgeable system designed to give its customers a simple store-setting capability with advanced editing, design and management tools, most of us familiar with such shopify-style, wix solutions. With us you can set up a sales website yourself with stencils (THEMES), simple content editors, advanced promotional options and many other varied services.

Proper sales site management will increase store sales
Proper sales site management is management that is capable of significantly increasing sales on the business website. Profitable sales sites will usually employ a full-time, or nearly, full-time webmaster. One of the fastest ways for setting up a profitable virtual store is through pre-made platforms for sale.

What does that mean? BIZZAPP can start building a website with a template (template / template), which is already ready for sale. Simple to get in our advanced management system, the process is a simple (content feed) process but one that takes time if you have a large company that sells a large number of products in the store, but surely to speed up processes, you can use our expert team who will be happy to serve you. Contact external professionals, companies, or freelancers who can help you in the end And you will save your precious time.

Customize a mobile sales site
In both Israel and the world, statistics indicate that over 80% of traffic on sales sites is from mobile (mobile / mobile). In other words, people enjoy doing mobile shopping, it is available to them everywhere and the big sites do everything to improve the shopping experience on tailored websites and apps. This requires us to put a huge emphasis on the whole topic of proper user experience, characterization and design of your website, Google marketing and more.

Designing a virtual store requires us to actually look at the site through the user’s lens. What it means? That means we have to look at the sales site through the eyes of consumers and think, would we buy products on the same site? Since it’s not easy to put ourselves in a neutral place, we have invested a lot of time and resources and asked our prospects and our existing customers what they would like to receive / change / add, we have taken and we are still taking all their feedbacks and embedding them in our system, which is of course the system Theirs, we are always improving and we will always make sure to improve the system for the benefit of our customers who deserve the best and without the need to spend regular money for development companies.


Website optimization, what is it?
Proper optimization of an online store can make a significant difference in website sales. What is optimization? When you say optimization, you mean optimizing an online sales website

Perform site optimization through design, automation, characterization, insertion and enhancement of store content, promotions, coupons, banners and more. Simply put, anything that leads to better site visibility and efficiency, which will leave your customers with more time on the site, will make them click more buttons and perform different site interactions, yes, also buy, may be included under the definition of optimization work. Since the process of setting up an online store can sometimes be complex for many people, there are some very quick solutions to setting up the long-awaited store as we offer you.

Establish a virtual store quickly
The BIZZAPP system allows you to open a virtual store, landing page or business website in a few quick steps. Once you have filled in the basics about yourself and selected a design template to start with, you can begin to enter content, products, new pages, articles and everything you think is right in order for your site or virtual store to be the best and most beautiful.

We only offer a number of templates and we add new templates on a weekly basis, so even if you select a template that is less suited to you, you can always swap, edit and change anything you want, the templates will help you get started quickly, but unlike anywhere else, you can change everything Little thing, if it’s adding new product categories, subcategories, products, tags, new pages, moving titles, editing text, various animations and a huge variety of tools that will turn you into sharp web designers even without any prior knowledge in web design and construction.

Online Sales – What has changed in recent years?
Certainly, we live in a very technological age. Following the entry of the retail giant, Amazon, into the Holy Land, more and more people are realizing that it is no longer possible to say: “I prefer not to sell online, it’s complicated for me.” Building a sales website or website building system today is the easy and simple way, and even if we look at the global mood, where the world goes, stop being suckers and pay tens of thousands of shekels and thousands of shekels each month, join us monthly and set up your own site or store Theirs, don’t you have time? Our experts will help you get started.

Usually, people prefer to have this sales website management service through Internet marketing companies, SEO companies and the like. In some cases, people may be confused by the many options available to them within the various management interfaces. It’s important to remember, every online sales store is different than the other, which leads us to realize that you won’t always need all the different options, and we’re here, every day, every hour, to improve the system, for you.

How to open an online store: On Chinese Bachelor Day, Ali Baba sold tens of billions of dollars in products, and so did Amazon in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Mandy. If you are a business owner you must take this data into account not because you can also sell tens of billions of dollars of products but because a major part of the Israeli public does all its shopping online.

If you do not have an online store you are giving up huge market share and you will have a serious problem and it is likely that your competitors will overtake you very quickly. You need to consider that once your competitors earn more from you, they can invest more in advertising, hire more good employees, and establish better relationships with suppliers. So because you do not have an online store you will very quickly have to close your business and have a very serious problem and this is something no business owner wants to experience.

Should I Open an Online Store Alone?
If you have decided to open an online store there is no doubt that this is the smartest step you can do but it is only great provided the store is of a high standard. When we come to answer the question of an online store we must point out that you have to make every effort to ensure that the store is of good quality.

Against this background, we must point out that it is really but worthwhile not to open the shop alone, but rather to consult with experts to help you with this. As you can’t imagine running the legal affairs of a business without a lawyer or the accounting affairs without an accountant, you really shouldn’t have to open an online store alone.

How to open an online store and what is the most important thing?
When we talk about an online store store we have to keep in mind that there are a lot of important things like information security, updating, support and help and more. But the most important thing you should consider is the fact that you need to ensure that the store UI is the best.

Data Security

You need to understand that you need to attract customers to your store and if your customers are not comfortable browsing the store then they simply will not go back to your store. This is another reason why you should contact a company that specializes in building stores, as this will ensure that the user interface is the best and most convenient.