What are the benefits of building a WordPress site?
WordPress Website Benefits: About 30% of the world’s sites are built on the WordPress content management system.
One of the most prominent benefits of these open source sites is that virtual store owners and sites can maintain them on their own,
And do not depend on any website maintenance company neither in terms of maintenance nor price.
But one of the conclusions about working with Google, which is leading many companies to build WordPress sites today, is the fact that Google
Prefer sites built on this system, for the same reasons that construction companies prefer too.
It is an easy to learn and use software. Very simple and clear. It has a lot of extensions that help the site look good,
Quickly upload, help surfers navigate the site, and all of these are parameters that Google considers when determining
Ranking sites for her is high ranking and she definitely takes all this data into account as well.
Just as surfers can easily navigate through WordPress sites, so building WordPress benefits the site promoters,
And that’s a work assumption that makes every Wednesday’s site in the world built on it.
Advantages of building a WordPress site in terms of SEO
Every site promoter today knows how many benefits of building a WordPress site affect their work and bring sites to high places.
This system has several extensions that make the job of a site manager much easier and simpler.
These extensions allow you to customize each post or page for the search engines individually.
They also allow you to test how content matches your keywords and provide tips on how to improve your potential for ranking.
These extensions allow you to control the permissions of search engines and Google to crawl many pages,
With the goal of removing duplicate content and more. The page extension allows display control as well as sharing the post on Facebook and the other social networks.
Image Optimization
Sites with rich media like video, images, infographics and more can get better promotion,
Because they provide more information and contribute to the user experience. Various add-ons are advantages in building a WordPress site
Like adding a media for easy and convenient insertion, the option to add titles and even descriptions for any media on the site.
This is very important especially when optimizing images for search engines.
In addition, WordPress sites and landing pages have extensions that allow you to more accurately manage your photos and even adjust their weight,
To load the site faster. It means user experience, it means quick navigation and it has an effect on the time spent on the site and more.